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The Early TimeEdit

The world of Amarax once was not. If fact in the beginning, there was no Amarax in the form that we think of it today, an inconceivable number of ages ago.

Before all things, there was a great crystal in a void. The crystal we have come to know as Nara. Nara's other names include the "Crystal", the "Light-stone", or the "Everstone". Nara floated in a void of nothing. Its facets were infinite, as was its mind. Upon each facet lived an entire world, and on the edges of these facets wars were waged. These battles were fought by armies larger than any that Amarax has ever, and will ever see. Demons and Angels they were known as. They were observed by Nara, and it viewed their conflicts without emotions. The Angels fought the demons, and over time they gained and lost facets to one another, fighting, killing, dying, and being reborn once more. The worlds that existed on these crystal facets also were destroyed, the inhabitants of which could be tortured, or blinked out of existence completely painlessly. After a time, Nara would birth another world, another attempt at pure beauty. Nara challenged itself to create a world of such balance and perfection that the Angels and the Demons would lay down arms and settle on this world and live in a more harmonious relationship with one another. This never came to be, however, due to the Dark-stone, Klaxx.

In the "Age of Crystals", there was no such concept as good and evil. These are constructs formed by later ages, to attempt to create a more coherent picture of the world and explain its nuances. So know that when i say Klaxx is evil, i mean that Klaxx was evil before the concept existed. Evil exists in our world, in all of its varying degrees, because Klaxx no longer does. It is a story know as The Great Breaking.


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Map of Amarax