The elven port of Fennell is a snapshot of the diverse cultural array on Amarax. The city is always busy. Although Fennell is primarily home to elves, many more pure races, pseudos and creatures walk the streets. Some live legally while others are accepted, though not legal citizens of the region. The ship building elite reign as the highest supreme. The middle class is small and often weak in political power. They seek to conserve the businesses that make life possible for the largest group of citizens, the working class. This diverse group spends most of its time primarily devoted to one task: shipbuilding.

Elves of the working class are often called brown backs. The weather is to blame. It is very often sunny and hot. The cool wind off of the calm harbor in Fennell is deceptive. Most workers can bear working in direct sunlight with no protection from the sun because of this breeze. The town of Fennell also is diverse due to its travelers. It presents perfect conditions for explorers from all over the world to moor their vessels and enjoy the city. Although, travelers are warned that when there is a storm over Fennell, it is never modest. The sky turns ink black and the thunder has been known to shakes bricks from their foundation on some of the oldest buildings. The possibility of encountering a storm like this when visiting Fennell is rare as they happen only once every few years.